Industrial Electrician


APPROVED BY: _______________________________ DATE: __________
As directed by job site foreman, superintendent or project manager, carry out the electrical scope of work as defined by the client's specification. Possess verifiable experience in power distribution system, lighting systems installation, motor & motor controller, construction & industrial electrical installations, and electrical trouble shooting. Should have 200 hours of classroom training and served 1,750 hours of apprenticeship.
To carry out the assignments given and to guide, direct and assist other classifications as needed. To attain maximum productivity making sure the project is done in a safe and cost-effective manner. Follow all rules of the safety and employee manual, comply with the McCarter Fleet Policy and as follows:
1. Responsible for carrying out the company safety policy at the work level.
2. Identify and correct hazardous and unsafe conditions in the work area.
3. Assist supervision ensuring all material, tools and equipment are available to do the job.
4. Erect and maintain safety barriers to protect the public and any others.
5. Aid any injured employee in getting prompt medical attention.
Duties are to include;
1. Must possess skills and knowledge relating to the journeyman electrical trade.
2. Be able to plan work procedures.
3. Analyze drawing, understand schematics, read blueprints or sketches, and make electrical installations or repairs as indicated by these documents.
4. Modify or change existing installation.
5. Determining the number of, size or type of cable to be used for each circuit and be able to distinguish between colors of wires.
6. Calculating the flow of current, load capacity, etc.
7. Diagnose electrical problems, faults and failures.
8. Ensure compliance to the National Electric Code.
9. Minimum 5 years experience in electrical construction.
10. Should possess minimum 2450 hours classroom training with 8,000 hrs. OJT.
11. Be able to maintain superior electrical safety requirements as defined by OSHA, MSHA and the NEC.
12. Operate and maintain all type of mobile equipment as related to the electrical craft field. (Mobile forklift, JLG's, scissors lift, trenchers, etc.)
13. Have knowledge of correct operations of electrical test instruments for the testing of electrical circuits.
14. Must be able to lift and carry 40 lbs. of material.
15. Must be able to walk and climb stairs, ladders and construction site temporary platforms and walkways.
16. Must be clean-shaven with no exposed jewelry, either around neck or in any body piercing.
Knowledge of:
1. Safe driving practices and traffic laws.
2. Preventive maintenance requirements of automotive equipment.
3. Safety procedures related to operation of forklifts and other construction type equipment.
4. Procedures associated with ordering, receiving, and storing supplies and materials.
5. Hazards and safety precautions of this type of work.
Ability to:
1. Lift up to 50 pounds.
2. Operate handtruck loads up to 500 pounds.
3. Perform mathematical calculations quickly and accurately.
4. Drive five-ton trucks in confined areas when others are present.
5. Learn general warehouse procedures, including methods of proper and orderly storage of materials and stock inventory procedures.
6. Keep accurate and current records of stock transactions.
7. Understand oral and written directions.
8. Assist in the receipt and issuance of electrical components.
1. Five years of experience in electrical construction type work.
2. One year of driving experience with large vehicles with multi-speed transmissions and power-lift gates.
3. One year of operating experience of forklifts, man-lifts, heavy equipment and rigging.
License: Possession of a valid North Carolina operator's license issued by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

Don't Be Fooled

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